Free Arsenal Subscriptions for Colleges and Universities

Mark Spencer

September 24, 2018

Years ago when I was an adjunct professor teaching digital forensics at Bunker Hill Community College in Boston I very much appreciated both the free and discounted licenses provided by commercial software vendors. I am now working on having Arsenal formalize and publicize our practice of providing free software (beyond the “Free Mode” functionality offered in some of our tools) each semester to digital forensics programs at colleges and universities.

What are the details?

Upon request, we will send a license code each semester to professors in digital forensics programs at colleges and universities, which will provide a subscription to the full functionality of all our tools on a workstation for that semester. We recommend that professors install the free Arsenal license on a workstation that both professors and students can access. Additional subscriptions (for more workstations) are available to educational institutions at a 20% discount.

What’s the catch?

We require professors to place Arsenal car wrap advertising on their vehicles. Just kidding, we wouldn’t do that either. We simply ask for a photo of professors and students using our tools that we can share with the public. We also hope that professors and students will share with us what they like, and don’t like, about our tools.

How do we get started?

Contact us at with some basic details on your digital forensics program and we’ll get a license out to you. Simple!



Please support us, as we work to make maximum exploitation of electronic evidence more accessible, by learning more about the powerful and unique functionality our tools provide. You can learn more about our tools at Thank you!


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