Members of the Arsenal team have been practicing digital forensics in law enforcement or as consultants for over twenty years. We have always focused on maximum exploitation of electronic evidence, and it didn’t take long for us to realize that existing tools were failing to accomplish powerful things we knew were possible.

We got tired of waiting for solutions, so we began building our own.

Back in medieval times when we began building digital forensics tools, we found that many Windows®-based disk image mounting solutions were mounting the contents of disk images as shares or partitions, rather than complete or “real” disks… limiting the usefulness of those tools to us and other digital forensics practitioners.

Arsenal Image Mounter was born.

Over time Arsenal Image Mounter (AIM) became much more than a reliable, and free, way to mount the contents of disk images as complete disks on Windows. We invested significant resources in new features that would not only make our casework (and yours!) more efficient, but allow digital forensics practitioners to exploit electronic evidence in ways that were not possible before.

These features are available in AIM’s “Professional Mode” and include:

  • Virtual machine launching with Windows authentication bypass
  • Volume Shadow Copy (VSC) mounting with optional Windows NTFS driver bypass
  • Mounting VSCs as complete disks and launching them into virtual machines
  • BitLocker volume management including saving to fully-decrypted disk images

Arsenal Image Mounter is used by digital forensics practitioners around the world because it is reliable, powerful, and unique.

Are you ready for Arsenal Image Mounter Pro? 

Arsenal Image Mounter Pro is available with an Arsenal subscription, which includes access to the full functionality of all our tools.

Still not convinced?

“After many unsuccessful attempts to launch forensic images into virtual machines with a popular digital forensics tool, I decided to give Arsenal Image Mounter a try. I’m very glad I did, because I was able to virtualize forensic images from multiple suspects. AIM also bypassed Microsoft cloud account passwords within the virtual machines, so I was able to take valuable screenshots for the US Attorney. In addition, I have found AIM’s multiple methods of Volume Shadow Copy exporting to be useful.”

ICE/Homeland Security Investigation

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Want to try AIM first? No problem.
Download AIM now and use its free functionality, or email us for an evaluation license which unlocks Professional Mode.

*Arsenal Recon Subscription lowest pricing is offered at $55.25/month with the purchase of a five (5) year plan, $3,315 at checkout.

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