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Arsenal Recon News

New Version of Computer Forensics Tool Registry Recon Released

Latest Features Geared Towards Consultants, Law Enforcement, and Militaries


November 13, 2014, Boston, MA - Arsenal Recon, ( providers of digital forensics solutions built by digital forensics experts, announce the release of Registry Recon version 2.1. Registry Recon is the only digital forensics tool that probes Microsoft Windows Registry data whether active, backed up, or even deleted, then uses that data to reveal how Registries have changed over time.

Version 2.1 implements “Automatic Decoding” of Registry data critical to internal investigations, civil and criminal litigation, and intelligence gathering. “Digital forensics practitioners have had a variety of methods to decode Registry data, but those methods were only applied to a fraction of the available data.” said Arsenal President Mark Spencer. “Consultants, law enforcement, and militaries using Registry Recon can now address questions like “When were suspicious applications run over time?” rather than simply determining when those applications were last run.”

“I’m always looking for tools that change how I approach an investigation - Registry Recon is one of those tools,” says David Cowen, President of G-C Partners, LLC and author of Hacking Exposed Computer Forensics Blog. “You should have a license for every examiner on your staff.”

The latest release of Registry Recon automatically decodes UserAssist keys, integrates the latest Arsenal Image Mounter, contains performance improvements, and more. Automatic decoding of additional Registry keys is planned for the next release.

A new version of Arsenal Image Mounter has been released along with Registry Recon version 2.1. Arsenal Image Mounter mounts the contents of disk images as complete disks in Microsoft Windows. Version 1.0.019 extends temporary write support to virtual machine disk images, scans for new disks more efficiently, emulates removable disks, and adds support for EnCase Ex01 disk images. Arsenal Image Mounter is dual licensed which allows its royalty-free use in open source projects.


About Arsenal Recon

Our team is led by Mark Spencer, whose philosophy is "Don't settle for the easy way, strive for the right way." We are passionate about digital forensics and dedicated to the preservation and analysis of electronic evidence using the most powerful technologies available. In our quest to dig deeper, we grew tired of waiting for solutions to meet our needs - so we began building our own.