Are you able to mount disk images as “real” disks on Windows?

Do you need to bypass Windows authentication?

Does BitLockered disk volumes have you “Locked Out”?

Do you need to mount Volume Shadow Copy’s in Windows natively?


If your answer is yes, we have the tool for you. 

For years, leading practitioners have relied on Arsenal Image Mounter. A tool that transformed their ability to process data and see things differently. It’s opened up the ability to create new investigative tools and find critical evidence saving valuable time and resources. In some cases, smoking-gun evidence was retrieved that many thought improbable or may have never been found at all. 

I’m sure you’re thinking that this tool is a do-it-all forensics suite. 

Arsenal Image Mounter is a surgical tool that opens opportunities and does some amazing things along the way. A tool found in top forensic practitioners toolkits. A tool that is a game changer.

What would you say about effortlessly launching (and often login to) virtual machines from a disk image?
You’d probably give a few air fist pumps?
We know the feeling. It’s ok to admit it, we get giddy about these sorts of things too. 

We are digital forensic practitioners and several years ago we were working on cases that required software that didn’t exist. We needed a way to programmatically rebuild Registries from previous Windows installations and then show our customers how a Registry (or, Registries) changed over time. Essentially, we gained access to an enormous volume of Registry data which has been effectively deleted. We called it Registry Recon. 

There was one major problem we faced.

Many Windows®-based disk image mounting solutions mount the contents of disk images as shares or partitions. We needed to access complete (a/k/a “physical” or “real”) disks in which the contents of disk images are complete disks. 

As far as Windows is concerned, the contents of disk images needed to be real SCSI disks, allowing us to benefit from disk-specific features. We solved that problem by developing our own image disk mounting tool, Arsenal Image Mounter.

What we didn’t see in the beginning was a potential game changing software.

From out of our own needs and challenges, we built a tool that would become a must-have go-to tool for digital forensic practitioners. We always wanted to share this tool with other practitioners and software developers facing the same road-blocks and pain-points we faced, so we offer it for free.

Eventually, as we started to invest more resources to add new and more sophisticated features, we released a Professional Version that includes some truly fascinating features.

Arsenal Image Mounter features:

Free Mode

  • Mount raw, forensic, and virtual machine disk images as “real” disks on Windows
  • Temporary write support with replayable delta files for all supported disk image formats
  • Save “physically” mounted objects to various disk image formats
  • Virtually mount optical images
  • RAM disk creation
  • Command-line interface (CLI) executables
  • MBR injection, “fake” disk signatures, removable disk emulation, and much more

Professional Mode

  • Effortlessly launch (and often login to) virtual machines
  • Volume Shadow Copy mounting with optional Windows NTFS driver bypass
  • Save disk images with fully-decrypted BitLocker volumes
  • Windows file system driver bypass support for disk image mounting
  • Virtually mount archives and directories

Are you ready to use Arsenal Image Mounter Pro? 

Arsenal Image Mounter Pro is available with an Arsenal Recon subscription. You will get the full power and features of Arsenal Image Mounter. 

An Arsenal Subscription includes access to all Arsenal digital forensic tools. You gain access to some of the most advanced tools of their kind:

  1. Arsenal Image Mounter
  2. Registry Recon
  3. Hibernation Recon
  4. HBIN Recon
  5. Hive Recon
  6. ODC Recon

Buy Arsenal Image Mounter Pro Now!

Long Term subscriptions will save even more. Find a plan that works best for you.

Plans as low as $55/mo*

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Want to try it out first? No problem. 
Download the free version.

Still not convinced?

After many unsuccessful attempts to launch forensic images into virtual machines with a popular digital forensics tool, I decided to give Arsenal Image Mounter a try. I’m very glad I did, because I was able to virtualize forensic images from multiple suspects. AIM also bypassed Microsoft cloud account passwords within the virtual machines, so I was able to take valuable screenshots for the US Attorney. In addition, I have found AIM’s multiple methods of Volume Shadow Copy exporting to be useful.

ICE/Homeland Security Investigation

Read our testimonies and FAQs.

Arsenal Professional Subscriptions

Pricing per month comparison chart

1 Month 1 Year 3 Years 5 Years
$65/mo $63/mo $59/mo $55/mo
*Arsenal Recon Subscription lowest pricing is offered at $55.25/month with the purchase of a five (5) year plan, $3,315 at checkout.

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