HBIN Recon Changelog


Released: 07-18-2022

  • General: Improved parsing performance and sk record validation

  • Secrets Hunter: Improved syskey detection and secrets decryption


Released: 07-11-2022

  • Various performance improvements

  • Default logging is now less verbose

  • Fixed bug with (extremely) large output files

  • Various improvements in sk record handling


Released: 06-28-2022

  • New Secrets Hunter module - extremely powerful identification and decryption of Windows secrets from SECURITY hives

  • Bugfixes which improve large input handling

  • Updated readme


Released: 07-15-2021

  • New Syscache Hunter module

  • Experimental support for “Mode 2” (targets carved & stacked HBINs) full and partial nk path reconstruction, as well as nk and vk association