LevelDB Recon Changelog


Released: 12-12-2023

  • Improved handling of corrupt input

  • More robust handling of LevelDB indices

  • Minor adjustment to logging to improve readability

  • Fixed broken database export

LevelDB-Recon-v1.0.0.33.zip MD5 Hash = b54f79230facbe2473edcfa1d3da7159


Released: 11-27-2023

  • Fixed bug in DataBrowser which could result in a crash

  • Fixed bug which impacted ability to open DataBrowser from main GUI

  • Multiple adjustments to DataBrowser Find function

  • New DataBrowser feature that filters list view based on strings in a file

  • Source file and sequence information now added to output files

  • Minor performance improvement

  • Updated readme

LevelDB-Recon-v1.0.0.31.zip MD5 Hash = 0474a18d74d300f1e908c5cca24527a7


Released: 04-25-2023

  • Initial public release

LevelDB-Recon-v1.0.0.28.zip MD5 Hash = 6a72c8ba921dc5dc9a3d459b943aa874