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BitLocker for DFIR – Part II

October 30th, 2019
Launching virtual machines from BitLockered disk images using Arsenal Image Mounter
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The Interesting Case of Windows Hibernation and BitLocker

April 24th, 2020
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BitLocker for DFIR – Part III

January 23rd, 2021
After making a working copy of the forensic image you open it in one of your digital forensics tools… but there’s a problem. You can’t see the expected Windows volume or any user data! To try and determine what’s wrong, you launch Arsenal Image Mounter and mount the forensic image.
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BitLocker for DFIR – Part I

March 11th, 2023
We deal with BitLocker frequently in our casework at Arsenal… so frequently that we added BitLocker-specific functionality to Arsenal Image Mounter to make our lives easier.
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