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Mark Spencer

May 6, 2020

Years ago (ok, many years ago) when I was an adjunct professor teaching digital forensics at Bunker Hill Community College in Boston, I very much appreciated both the free and discounted licenses provided by commercial software vendors. I am announcing today, thanks to some gentle nudging from my team, that Arsenal is dramatically expanding our educational program. We are now providing free subscriptions each semester not only to professors at colleges and universities, but to students as well.

What are the details? 

Upon request, we will send batches of licenses each semester to professors at colleges and universities. Each license includes a subscription to the full functionality of all our tools. Professors are responsible for distributing the licenses to students.

What’s the catch?

Arsenal’s educational subscriptions are for educational use only… in other words, they are not for use in casework, whether commercial or otherwise. While not required, we appreciate photos of professors and students using our tools that we can share with the public. We also hope that professors and students will share with us what they like, and don’t like, about our tools.

How do we get started?

Contact us at with some basic details on your digital forensics program and we’ll get the process started. Simple!


Please support us, as we work to make maximum exploitation of electronic evidence more accessible, by learning more about the powerful and unique functionality our tools provide. You can learn more about our tools at Thank you!

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