Digging Deeper into Gmail URLs & Introducing Gmail URL Decoder

Just a month after we published the Insights post “Digging into Gmail URLs”, Google made the use of their new Gmail interface mandatory. The old Gmail interface (let’s call it the “legacy” interface) had been in use for years, so even though it is no longer available online we expect to be dealing with it within our electronic evidence for years to come. The new Gmail interface includes not only considerable visual changes, but changes in URLs which impacted the Gmail URL decoding we discussed in our previous Insights pos

New Versions of HiveRecon and HbinRecon Launched

HiveRecon extracts Registry hives from Windows hibernation and crash dump files, often extracting hives when other solutions have completely failed and extracting healthier (more intact) hives when other solutions have appeared to run successfully. HiveRecon also extracts volatile hives and can incorporate swap files from the same hibernation session to extract even healthier Registry hives than if using a hibernation file alone.

Free Arsenal Subscriptions for Colleges and Universities

Years ago when I was an adjunct professor teaching digital forensics at Bunker Hill Community College in Boston I very much appreciated both the free and discounted licenses provided by commercial software vendors. I am now working on having Arsenal formalize and publicize our practice of providing free software (beyond the “Free Mode” functionality offered in some of our tools) each semester to digital forensics programs at colleges and universities.

Sponsoring Arsenal Image Mounter

Colleagues in digital forensics, please ask yourselves – do you find Arsenal Image Mounter (“AIM”) useful? Could your consulting, training, or software/hardware organization use great karma and a boost in public relations?

Digging into Gmail URLs

One of our recent cases involved an ongoing dispute between two executives who we’ll call Alice and Eve. Their dispute escalated when Alice returned after a day out of the office and noticed that her Gmail account was open on a shared computer they both used. Alice became suspicious that someone had accessed her Gmail account (she had forgotten to log out of it when she was last in the office) while she was gone.

HiveRecon and HbinRecon Launched

We launched two new tools with powerful and unique functionality today – HiveRecon and HbinRecon. We are confident that our customers and colleagues, particularly those interested in the maximum exploitation of electronic evidence, will be pleased that we are yet again exposing valuable information that has not been possible previously.

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